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  • Studio Santosa 21 Albert Street Edinburgh, Scotland, EH7 United Kingdom (map)
 Painting by Eileen Hall

Painting by Eileen Hall



In this workshop you will learn how to use the powerful practices of Meditation + Art to map your internal landscapes and learn practical tools and exercises that will boost your levels of wellbeing and abundance in all areas of your life.

There is a lot of buzz in the media nowadays about the benefits of mindfulness meditation and creativity but unless you have effective practices and are shown how to apply these tools in everyday life then they remain on a shelf just as concepts and ideas.

This workshop aims to empower you with simple practices that can be used anytime anywhere to get very practical and real results that stick. I have combined my knowledge and research in the best meditation practices, science of wellbeing, neuroscience, psychology with my experience in the creative sector and have carefully designed a series of reflective, meditative and creative exercises that allow you to let go of negativity, overwhelm, anxiety and stress with lots of grace and ease. 


  • Reduce Stress + Anxiety
  • Overcome overwhelm
  • Find clarity and focus
  • Access your highest wisdom
  • Access physical and emotional healing
  • Mindset Hygiene for Health + Happiness
  • Nourish your mind through Creativity
  • Learn to access peace + joy anytime anywhere
  • Learn to maintain your mind health and make it fun
  • Learn to accept and love yourself
  • Learn to communicate with your body and senses

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are struggling with overwhelm,  stress and anxiety
  • Your self judgement, criticism and negativity is weighing you down
  • You want to find more peace and calm in your life
  • You want to learn to focus your mind and find clarity in your life 
  • You would like to learn to meditate and make it a breeze and fun 
  • You would like to connect to your Creative Genius and be shown how to do it with ease and grace
  • You want to boost your self confidence

*Please note this workshop is open to all ages so please invite any youngsters who are interested or wish to attend*

£60 General Admission

£40 Concession (Student / low wage)


* I want to make this work available to as many people as possible so I offer a number of scholarships for every workshop, if you feel that the concession price is still too high to afford, get in touch so we can find the means for you to attend ( *


“MEDITATION WORKS! Being guided through these two meditations sessions were so very calming. Good reminder I need to remind myself to do it regularly. I really enjoyed both the more fluid parts of the workshop where we were talking about general emotions, but also the parts where we were discussing practical details into how we actually can make use of it, and in what environment, how to prepare for a trip.”

Maram Mazen


“Eileen has a beautiful nature. The energy she brings into a workshop is very special. Making attendees feel like they can accomplish anything. Her way of helping guide people through a psychedelic integration process is subtle, loving and fun. Very special day. Thank you.”

Neil Young


“Firstly, I would just like to thank you for this experience. I don’t think I have felt anything close to today before. Thank you for helping me to open my mind, and realise things about myself I had to discover. Water does not flow the same way twice."



“Firstly I was reminded of my playful self, which I sadly tend to neglect in my everyday life. Secondly, I was confronted with a fear that I have been battling with over the past few years one that I ignored for a long, long time. Namely the fear of the authentic self and sharing that authentic self. The safe space created here today was like a message, a reminder - be your true self. Thirdly, it is nice to be reminded that all of us feel, at times, unworthy or not strong enough! Thank you for this experience! I feel overall - much better now.”

Katie Webb


“Today I learned that I don’t want to be at war with myself. I used to think I didn’t want to be at war with other people, who does… but you can’t win the fight with others is you’re battling against yourself. Today I learned I can embrace life and enjoy it. I can learn from the good, not just the bad, and I can direct myself where I want to go. I separate myself from my existence by always analysing. I need to relearn some things.”

Jason Philips