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Psychedelic Integration & Healing Group

  • Studio Santosa 21 Albert Place Edinburgh, Scotland, EH7 5LH United Kingdom (map)


A psychedelic journey can be one of the most profound experiences of a person's life and understanding its teachings and lessons can be one of the most powerful transformation tools there is to living more fully and openly. When explored in depth, the wisdom that arises can truly shine as a light of understanding and knowing that resonates throughout your being, becoming a compass for navigating your life.

For this reason we have created a sacred space and group which will allow you to delve deeper into the layers of the psychedelic experience through a series of carefully designed meditations and reflective exercises that will open you up to healing any core blocks in your mind, body and spirit. By connecting to your Soul and Higher Creative Self we will go on a journey of the subconscious to explore the stories and symbols that are waiting to be expressed and integrated in order to birth the next chapter in your life story. You will come away with a better understanding of how altered states work and why this matters as well as come away with a stronger connection to your inner wisdom and creativity. And most importantly you will be able to get clarity and get to the truth of any matter in your life, so you can access the highest levels of love, peace, freedom and joy!

Below are some of the other topics that we will cover in the span of the monthly groups:
- Ceremony and sacred space
- Healing through the Higher Self and energy work
- The power of the Creative Space in the healing journey
- Connecting to your Intuition and Imagination
- The power of Story
- The importance of Focus and Intention
- Understanding how your brain works  
- Understanding the body connection to the psychedelic and healing experience
- Zen Reality as the grounding force for all journeys

This group is led by the Psychedelic Society of Edinburgh in collaboration with Eileen Hall - an Artist and Healer living in Edinburgh who over the past 10 years has trained in Architecture, Design, the Arts, Mysticism, Healing and Shamanism, practices that she combines in various ways in order to help people come home to themselves and more fully understand the workings of this universe. (

If you have queries about the group please get in touch:

“I relived an experience I had while on LSD through meditation that I have never been able to before (and I will from now on thanks to your help :) ). It was a really good experience at a hard point in my life, and it was good to tap into that again and repeat that happy, de-stressed self. I feel a lot less anxious and stressed after being here today, thank you. I would love to be contacted again for further events as I am trying to heal myself through experiences like these and meditation. Thanks again :) “

Dionne Grimshaw

“It helped me to integrate the difficult experience I had in my last ceremonies and I have been able to reconnect to the light and positivity. I have had a hard time feeling since the ceremony. Very helpful to share with others. I really enjoyed it overall thank you!”

Katie Webb

“Today I learned that I don’t want to be at war with myself. I used to think I didn’t want to be at war with other people, who does… but you can’t win the fight with others is you’re battling against yourself. Today I learned I can embrace life and enjoy it. I can learn from the good, not just the bad, and I can direct myself where I want to go. I separate myself from my existence by always analysing. I need to relearn some things.”

Jason Philips

“ I named some of my companions, those entities that live within and encountered them with greater awareness. Group meditation has put me in a wonderful state of warmth.

I put on paper the images which I held inside for a while - it shifted something in me. I received energy that helped me find freedom.”

Luiza Dezor

“Today I found peace by finding my path I was once on. I now understand that where I was four years ago was a strange place that I didn’t truly want to be but I was blinded in the pressures of society.”