I have designed a High Level Consciousness Package combining Healing and Art to stimulate transformation and encode a Utopian Soul Vision into a beautiful piece of art that will take your business and life to cosmic levels!

What this potent work will bring to your business and life is:

-  A Signature Soul Stamp / Brand that will draw high level clients to your business with ease + grace

- Help your clients recognise your body of work at a Soul Level and Higher Frequency

- Your relationships will all be taken to a Higher Consciousness Level, so you feel more fulfilled and heard in your intimate life

- Gain Clarity on what your main Power Archetypes + Symbols are so you are able to refine your mission and purpose and serve your ideal clients

- Create the Medicine Wheel for your Life Story which will map all the currents in your life in a meaningful way which will become cosmic fuel for your travels to the next level (this alone I have been told is worth the investment in the program!)

- Embody your Values and Virtues into all areas of your life, creating a Diamond Compass for navigating within your Utopian Visions 

- Create a Structured Soul Space internally for your work to be reflected in the geometries and symbols of the art work that will hold the vibration of your vision!

- Clear any belief systems and fear based emotions that stop you from living and working at these Higher Levels

- Discover your Highest Soul Resonance so that you can immediately emerge as an expert in your field and create the impact and wealth you desire



- 7 sessions of Healing taking you through the Utopian Soul Signature Program (these can be done via skype or in person) 

- The 7 sessions can also be packaged into a Weekend Intensive to take place either at your home, or in a city elsewhere in Europe that you are drawn to do this work

- A Soul Signature Stamp custom art piece which will reflect all of your soul symbols and immediately create expansion and growth in your life

if your soul is screaming yes and your bones are quaking because they know this is the next level of expansion for you,click on the link below and we will schedule a free strategy session to discuss if this program is ideal for you


I believe that the current Renaissance in Spirituality and Soul Centred Living must be married to the Arts in order for it to resonate and vibrate at the highest levels of evolution. I have spent the past decade training in Healing, Art + Architecture to blend these high power practices together into the Utopian Soul Signature Programme so that this sacred union can be birthed into the world. If you would like to be part of this wave of high vibration waves coming into being then let's connect!

Here are some examples of the work:

Shamanic Healing & Energy Medicine

This piece adorns the Sacred Space of Tormain Healing and Shamanic Centre. It incorporates the energies from the two threads that run in the work with the concepts of letting go into Mystery, the Unknown and the Spirit Realms that are here to guide us into new creations and creative expressions

Psypress Uk

A cover for the 4th edition of Psychedelic Press UK that blends in the concepts of Altered States with a deep sea of wisdom which is all seeing and all knowing. The intricacy of the illustration reflects the meditative aspect of the literature and its topics, with each colourful eye becoming the openings through which "the universe looks at itself" (Alan Watts). The art work was strongly influenced by philosopher Alan Watts and his explorations of altered states and Eastern Zen Philosophy.